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As soon as you set foot in the door…

You are greeted by our courteous and attentive customer service.

With the information you provide, we prepare a quote for you.

Once the quote is approved, we draw up a work order with all the general information: printing specifications, layout instructions, type of paper, number of colors, shipping, etc. The work order also contains any other relevant information such as the Pantone number, if one is specified, or special folding instructions.

Next we gather up the material that you have submitted. This is usually a computer file containing images, texts, photos or logos. We give the file a reference number for archival purposes. We keep copies of all our printed work on file for five years.

Your file is then sent either to the graphic designers for layout work or to the pre-press department for imposition. You receive the proofs of the work that you ordered, whether in the form of simple PDF email attachments or high-resolution printed matter. After approving the contents, you are asked to sign off on the proofs.

Once you sign off on the proofs, the graphic designer prepares the imposition, then the plates for the offset press. Detailed work and high-volume orders are imposed in the prepress department, then sent to a computer system that images directly onto a plate (this is called a CTP, or computer-to-plate transfer system). The press operators use the computer-marked plates to print your order.

Any final layout work is done by our experienced finishing team. Your product is shipped according to your instructions.

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