The final step in the process, the finishing, is where we really shine. We created an in-house finishing department just to stay on top of production and maintain a consistent high quality in our finished products.

Our team members’ expertise is what makes it possible for us to ensure the overall quality of our printed products. Here are the processes involved in finishing your documents.

We offer several folding options: C-fold, rolled, right-angle, accordion, etc.

Gathering consists in assembling the individual parts of a document in a specific order before the next step in production.

Types of binding :
  • Perfect binding
  • Spiral and cerlox binding (various color)
  • Metal spiral binding
  • Saddle-stitching
  • Etc.

This is where the pages of a brochure, catalogue
or other document are stapled together.



We offer various types of cutting, both regular
and custom (for file folders, cards, etc.).



Your documents are coated after printing. Coatings come in different types, like instant-drying varnishes or protective coatings, either in matte or glossy finish. The coating is important because it adds strength to the paper and improves the appearance of the finished product.

Laminating is a process whereby a printed document is placed between
two sheets of plastic, which are then heated. The result is a covering that makes the document more resistant, waterproof, washable and tear-proof. The plastic comes in different weights, according to the need, and is available in glossy or matte finish.

COROPLAST® is the trademark of a type of corrugated plastic sheet used mostly for signage and packing. It has an oil-, solvent- and water-resistant surface that is easy to clean. COROPLAST® is often used as backing for posters to give them more rigidity.


We can also carry out :

  • Wraparound
  • Padding
  • Mechanical numbering
  • One to seven holes punch
  • Perforating
  • Document insertion
  • Scoring



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